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Ace Explorer 3.8.8

Ace Explorer is a tabbed browser that speeds Internet browsing
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The developers of this software have put some extra thought into developing an Internet browser that is aimed at giving you the Internet faster than you’ve had before. This program was developed with speed of access in mind and some added features make it so much more attractive. It’s freeware, it boasts a memory enhancer, and it restricts advertisements, popups and spyware. It makes browsing a great deal more pleasant with these features. Features that users can look forward to are the automatic popup restrictor. That means no popups, adware or spyware.

Flash animation can also be turned on or off depending on your needs. The browser also integrates a number of online translation programs and language tools for easy accessibility. Another feature that is useful is the fact that users can save clusters of IP addresses that they regularly use. No need to continuously look for the address or retype the information each time. Then there is the script pad with a text editor that works off VBScript, Jscript and html files.

And when all is said and done, and users want to make their browse environment a little more colorful, there are the esthetic features that allow them to change their skins and color preference. All in all, it is as solid as a rock when placed side by side with other browsers of its class.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Group Links, Mouse gestures


  • Looks like another MyIE2/Maxthon clone
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